Our country needs a return to our conservative values more than ever, but that change won't come from Washington, DC. It will come from patriotic Americans across the country who are tirelessly fighting on the frontlines to restore constitutional and fiscally-responsible government, protect our communities, and put our country first.  

Jefferson Rising is here to reinforce grassroots conservatives on the ground with the tools and resources that are required to win because America's future will be decided by our people, not our politicians.

Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God.

Thomas Jefferson

Our agenda

Restore Fiscal Responsibility in Government

Stop big spending and reduce the debt

Restore Public Safety

Keep communities safe and return to the rule of law

Restore American Sovereignty

Secure our borders, restore fair trade, and put America First

Restore Constitutional Government

Stop government overreach, ensure fair elections, and fight big tech censorship